Changing the way Council works for the Residents of Auckland

At core of our policy is to help Aucklanders to grow the jobs available and be business competitive, sustainably manage and improve our built and physical environments and support the social vitality, fabric and heritage of all the communities of the Auckland region. We will be financially prudent, ensuring costs and debt are not unfairly shifted to future generations to pay for.  

Policy Framework & Principles

  1. Arts & Culture – support the creative industries and respect all ethnic communities and cultures across Auckland
  2. Development & Infrastructure Projects – prioritised, region-wide and balanced
  3. Economic Development – more jobs, stronger communities, better business
  4. Environment & Parks, Sport & Recreation & Events – protected and improved
  5. Financial - prudent budget while maintain acceptable levels of service
  6. Governance - efficient culture of Governance and of service
  7. Planning – balancing the practical and realistic and the long term
  8. Transport - continual and affordable improvements to transport

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Communities and Residents believes:

  1. All communities and neighbourhoods throughout Auckland deserve a fair go.  Funding needs to be fairly allocated to all communities for local services, infrastructure, parks and town centres.
  2. Auckland Council has a duty of care to respect Aucklanders by rating only the money that it needs, and that every dollar spent should be spent wisely. The council must ensure that any rate increase is affordable.
  3. The history, character and heritage of resident’s communities and neighbourhoods needs to be preserved.  It is essential that Auckland’s leaders preserve, maintain and respect the profile of individual suburbs, and not unilaterally impose planning rules on unwilling or resistant communities.
  4. Keeping the ‘local’ in local government is important for local democracy and local accountability. Local leadership starts with devolving non-regional services to local boards, who are elected by individual communities to represent the needs of those communities.
  5. Above all else, Communities and Residents believes local government is a public service, a relationship between the residents and ratepayers of Auckland, and the people elected to serve them. We want to see decent community-minded people elected to serve because every community deserves good local representation. 

Communities and Residents is generously assisted and funded by its supporters.

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