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At the AGM held on 23 February, Councillor Chris Fletcher alerted members to Auckland Council’s Annual Plan and in particular wanted to encourage as many people as possible to submit on the issue of the Uniform Annual General Charge.


At present it is set at a low level per property being $397.  The Annual Plan consultation document, Part 3: Your Rates, pages 20-23 gives details of the Uniform Annual General Charge and the impacts of raising or lowering the UAGC.  See http://shapeauckland.co.nz/media/1532/annual-plan-accessible-consultation-doc.pdf


As part of the summary it states:

“If the UAGC stays at $397 then all residential ratepayers will have the same rates increase. If it is raised to $650 then around 84,000 ratepayers with higher value properties will have rates decreases [our emphasis] and around 135,000 lower value properties will have increases of more than 10 per cent ..”


Questions 1a and 1b on the Feedback Form (p.37) invites submitters to select whether the UAGC should remain the same, be higher or lower and the $amount it should be.


For our members, very many have experienced large annual increases in rates over the past few years, so we believe most would benefit from the UAGC being very much higher than $397.


To assist our members and supporters, our thanks goes to John Strevens, a former Auckland City Deputy Mayor and long-serving Councillor who has prepared the attached comment on the best level for the UAGC. He concludes that the UAGC should be set at $550 and then adjusted annually by an increase of $50 until the situation can be reviewed in the next Long Term Plan.


To support our elected members in their debates on the Plan, we urge you and your network of family and friends to make a submission on the UAGC in line with John’s recommendation.  If you have already made a submission to the Council and not commented on the UAGC issue – then please put in another submission to ensure your voice is included on this important matter.


ACT NOW - Submissions on the Annual Plan close this Thursday 24 March at 4pm.


You can complete the online submission form, located here http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/planspoliciesprojects/plansstrategies/annual_plan/Pages/annualbudgetfeebackform.aspx


You can email  annualplan@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz


You can Drop your submission off at your local library,  service centre or local board office


You can post but it has to get there by this Thursday (so time is running out): Freepost address:


Annual Budget 2016/2017

Auckland Council

Freepost Authority 182382

Private Bag 92 300, Auckland 1142


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