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Existing for over 79 years, Communities and Residents is a voluntary grass-roots association of members, and is the longest standing political grouping in Auckland local government. Its purpose is to provide leaders for Auckland’s development, both locally and regionally; to help all the people who live in Auckland. We do this by encouraging and supporting like-minded people both as candidates and as elected local government members of Councils, Boards and Trusts across the Auckland Region.

We care about growth of jobs … business competitiveness … our built and natural environments … and the social fabric and heritage of each community. We are prudent spenders of ratepayers money and will focus Council investment on value for money. We won’t unfairly shift debt to future generations.

Commitment to Work Collaboratively:

Communities and Residents, its candidates and elected members will work constructively and respectfully with independent elected members and independent candidates with whom we have shared values, shared vision for the Auckland region and who share fundamental principles and approaches to making Auckland the most liveable and affordable place on earth … to call home.

Authorised by Karen Sherry, 8 Eldon Street, Takapuna.  Tel: 0298465871

Communities and Residents is generously assisted and funded by its supporters.

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